Dad and Rachel (1998)


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Dad and Rachel (1998)

Nonni, Rachel, Dad, and Me (1997)

Linda and Rachel (1999)

Dad Doing His Walter Mondale Impersonation (mid-1940s?)

Dad as a Child (circa 1923)

Dad and Me (1962)

Nonno Fishing (mid-1960s)

Nonno's Birthplace, Italy (1960)

Me, Barbara, and Linda at Autumn Circle (mid-1960s)

Me and Barbara on Cape Cod (late 1950s)

Me, Linda, and Barbara at Alba Road (mid-1960s)

Barbara, Santa, and Me (late 1950s)

27 Alba Road, Wellesley Hills, Before Landscaping (mid-1950s)

Pretending to Read Yeats (1996)

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