At -4 Months Already Screaming At Me


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At -4 Months Already Screaming At Me

At 3-½ Months Busy Harboring Her Energy

At 9 Months Harboring Additional Energy

Exactly 1 Year Old Can you See a Pattern Here?

At 13 Months, Looking for Loose Change Under the Cushions

At 13 Months Taking A Post-Luncheon Siesta

At 13 Months, Rachel Unplugged

At 14 Months, Eating Just Has That Effect Sometimes

At 15 Months So Many Toys, So Little Time

At 2 Years, Standing on a Point-Bar Deposit Next to The Oconee River

At 2 Years Master of The Universe

At 2 Years

At 2 Years

2 Years Old I’m All That, Plus a Bag of Chips

2-½ Years Old

2-½ Years Old You Talkin’ To Me?

2-½ Years Old

Oconee County Civic Center `00 for Pam Blanchard’s Play

Mall of Georgia, Summer ‘00

Checking Out The Latest Manolo Blahniks, Fall `00

Christmas Show at Lifespan `00

Cruisin’ Hanover Mall with Grampy and Grammy, Christmas `00

Put Me Down and Let Me Skate Already

Barnes and Noble, Spring `01

Those Chocolate Milkshakes Sure Wipe Me Out

Already a Chatting Colarullo Machine, May `01

Can You Guess Which One of Us Used to Have Perky Tits?

The Red-Eye Express, May `01

A Quiet Moment, Summer `01

Waiting for Power Tramp Summer `01

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Ready for Lift-Off

I Waited 30 Minutes for This?

Lifespan, Summer `01

Sydney, Rachel & Hannah Summer `01

Uh-oh. Did I Just Run Over a Squirrel?

Strawberry Picking Summer `01

Ready for My Close Up

Yeesh. Another Boring Yuppie Coffeehouse

Getting My Weekly Belgian Chocolate Tart Fix

Guess What I Like to Do When I Have a Mouthful of Water?

Oh Great. Another Scummy Catfish.

Six Flags, Summer `01

Six Flags, Summer `01

Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking?

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Winterville, August `01

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Pre-K Yearbook Photo

Practicing for the 2008 Summer Olympics

Whatever It Was, It Was Good.

Can’t This Thing Go Any Faster?

I Waited 30 Minutes for This?

Clarke County Library Family Fun Day `01. Yeah, Real Fun.

Without the Siren, This Just Doesn’t Do It For Me

Winterville Playground, Talking With Aunt Linda

Fountain Running, Mall of Georgia `01

Hanging Out At the Mall Of Georgia, Summer `01

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Fall `01

Winterville Playground Fall `01

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Waiting, Fall `01

Christmas `01

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Me & Mrs. Claus Christmas `01

Doesn’t Santa Somehow Look a Little Different This Time?

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Winterville Christmas Parade with Radford, His Dad, and Mrs. Scrooge

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